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4. Verbe "CAN" / Tätigkeitswort "CAN"

CAN (pouvoir / können)
future + present:

Can I? I can not.
Can she? She can not.
Can they? They can not.
Could I? I could not.
Could he? He could not.
Could we? We could not.

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future: He can go to school next year.
You can eat hamburger tomorrow.
I can visit my friend next week.
I can come tomorrow.
present: She can drive car today.
Can you help me?
They can fly airplane today.
It can rain today.
Can you give me piece paper please?
past: We could go to school last week.
I could swim in ocean last year.
They could travel to Asia last month.
I could not come yesterday.
They could see it last month.

Emploi de quelques verbes /
Gebrauch einiger Tätigkeitswörter

future: He will want go to school next year. Will you want eat hamburger tomorrow?
I will want visit my friend next week.
present: She does want drive car today.
They do want fly airplane today.
Do you want car? Do you want buy car today?
past: I did want swim in ocean last year.
They did want travel to Asia last month.
I did not want come yesterday.
They did want see it last month.
I want car. I do want car. I want buy car. I do want buy car.
I did want bread. I will want apple. Did they want see me? Did they
want money? They did not want any-thing. They will not want any money. They will want no money.

future: I will have-to buy new bicycle next week.
She will not have-to come.
present: He does have-to go to school today.
If you do not want, you do not have-to come.
past: I did have-to buy new car last year.
I did not have-to read this book.
PUT-ON: I will put-on my new shirt tomorrow.
She does put-on her ring today.
He did put on blue socks last night.
TAKE-OFF: She will take-off her dress in the evening.
We do take-off our shoes in the house.
I did take-off my watch and my hat.

OWN: I do own this coat. (= This coat is my. = This is my coat.)
They do own this house. (= They do own this house. = This is their
house. = They is owner this house.)
She did own this pen. (= This was her pen. = She was owner this
You will own this bicycle. (= You will be owner this bicycle.
= This will be your bicycle.)
MAKE: I will make this cup full. (=I will put liquid inside cup).
I will make this chair white. (=I will put white color on this
Make this coffee sweet! (= Put sugar inside this coffee!)
We will make this tree hollow. (Because we want make canoe.)
She does make food warm. (= She put food above fire.)
GET: I did get this book from my father. (get = receive)
He will get bread from shop. (get = buy)
I did get this pen on street. (get = find)
Get this cup on table! (get = put)
She will get this food inside house. (get = bring)
Get this cup off table! (get = take)
Get here! He did get here early. (get = come)
I will get it clean. (get = make)
It will get more good. (get = be)


fly.gif (3062 bytes) run-walk.gif (13277 bytes)
FLY <-----> RUN <-----> WALK


 stand.gif (7875 bytes)sit-lay.gif (9813 bytes)            push-pul.gif (24160 bytes)
STAND <-----> SIT <-----> LAY               PUSH <-----> PULL

put-take.gif (16056 bytes)
PUT <------> TAKE


Sport.        punkt.gif (863 bytes)HOMEbasball2.gif (1425 bytes)
play sport, play game, summer sport, winter sport, water sport, ball, foot-ball, basket-ball, ski, swim, fly, walk, run, jump, airplane, airport, mountain, bicycle, motorcycle,
hike, fly, sky dive, sky diving, hang glide, hang gliding, scuba diving, snorkling, base-ball, tennis, table tennis, water skiing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing,
- Do you like foot-ball?
- Yes. From all sport I like foot-ball the-most. I like foot-ball more
than any other sport.
- Why do you like foot-ball?
- I think foot-ball is very funny.
- Why do you think foot-ball is funny?
- Because big man play alike little boy. They run behind ball. They
kick ball. Some time they kick other man.
- Do you play foot-ball?
- No. I do not play. I am not crazy. I only look. I do not like play.
I am man. I am not ball. I do not like people kick me.
- What sport do you like?
- I like water-sport. I like all water-sport. I like go on small boat. I like swim. I also like swim under water.
- How do you swim under water?
- When I swim under water, I do take air with me inside metal container. I swim with air-container on my backside.
- How long can you stay under water?
- I take with me air for sixty minute. I can stay under water sixty
- What do you do under water?
- When I swim under water I look-for and I catch fish. I have with me sharp stick. I put sharp stick inside fish. I do it quick. I make fish dead. When I return to beach I cook fish. I make food from fish and vegetable. All my friend like my food. They say I make good food.

Kitchenkitchen2.gif (2629 bytes)
food, cook, bake, fry, cook-book, eat, kitchen, table, chair, plate, fork, knife, spoon, cup, glass, stove, oven, water, milk, coffee, tea, spice, salt, vegetable, bread, rice, fish, meat, tomato, potato, eggs,
sink, black pepper, green pepper, onion, garlic, oil,
pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, cheese,
meat, veal, beef, pork, lamb, mutton, chicken, turkey,
salami, saussage, ham, bacon, hot dog, grill, barbecue,
- Do you like make food? (make food = cook)
- Yes. When I do have time.
- Can you make good food?
- I think I make good food because I like eat it.
- What can you make?
- I can make tea and coffee.
- No other thing? (= Is that all?)
- I can also cook meat and potato. Are you hungry?
- Yes. I am little hungry. Do you have cook-book?
- Yes, I have cook book. Why you ask? (= Why do you ask?)
- Can I cook some thing from cook book?
- Yes, if you want.
After he did read cook-book:
- Look here! I did find some thing good!
- What did you find?
- How cook fish with vegetable sauce!
- What do you need?
- I need two piece fish. Five piece tomato. One carrot. Some peas.
Salt, spice, oil.
- I have no carrot, but I do have all other thing.
- No problem. I think we can make it without carrot. Where is fish?
- Fish is inside ice-box.
- Where is salt, spice, and oil?
- They are on shelf above stove.
- Where are vegetable?
- Vegetable are inside small closet beside kitchen. (beside = near)
- Do you have match?
- For what do you need match?
- I want make fire on stove.
- You do not need match for that. You need only open gas. It will make
fire itself. (itself = self)
- When I cook, will you make table, please? (= I cook and you make table.) Put two plate, two fork, two knife on table, please.

Fruitfruit1.gif (513 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: red fruit, yellow fruit, apple, red apple, yellow apple, green apple, banana, orange, lemon, nut, vegetable, carrot, tomato, potato, peas,
OTHER WORDS: grapefruit, pineapple, bean, mango, water melon, canteloupe, pear, cucumber, pickle, lettuce, cabbage, sauerkraut,
- How-much fruit do you want?
- I do want one "kg" fruit.
- What fruit do you want?
- I want that red fruit beside that yellow fruit.
- What fruit? Please show me!
- That one! That place! (= There!) Little more to your rightside!
- This one?
- Yes, that one!
- How-much?
- I want one "kg" that fruit. What is name that fruit?
- It is apple. (= This fruit name apple.)
- What name that red vegetable?
- That is carrot.
- What name this little green vegetable?
- That is peas.
- What is name this fruit?
- That is orange. Do you want buy some?
- Yes. Give me four orange, please.

5. Place et temps / Ort und Zeit    punkt.gif (863 bytes)HOME

Ici vous apprenez expliquer la position de n'importe quel objet ou évènement quelconque dans l'espace ou le temps.
Hier lernen Sie, die Stellung irgendeines Objekts oder Ereignisses in Zeit oder Raum auszudrücken.


PLACE  (Place / Ort)
WHERE? = What place?

this place, that place, other place, some place, any place... inside/outside, frontside/backside, leftside/rightside
far - not far - near, big distance - little distance
above - on - under, up - down, beside, between,
WHAT SIDE? this side, that side, near side, far side, no side, any side, some side, every side

on-off.gif (7047 bytes)
OFF = NOT ON (any place but not on)

ins-outs.gif (3664 bytes)


(in-front-of)  (behind)
FRONT2BK.GIF (2881 bytes)




BES2BETW.GIF (5765 bytes)


GROUND2.GIF (4938 bytes)ABOVE GROUND (off ground, in air)






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(Temps / Zeit)
TIME what time? = when?
this time = now (present)
that time = then (past or future)
from now = after now
ago = before now




^ long time from now.
| one year from now.
| two month from now.
| six week from now.
| ten day from now.
| five hours from now.
| eight minute from now.
^ after tomorrow.
| tomorrow.
|-------------- I will come - after.

<-------------- I do come - now.

|-------------- I did come - before.
| yesterday.
v before yesterday.
| eight minute ago.
| five hours ago.
| ten days ago.
| six week ago.
| two month ago.
| one year ago.
v long time ago.


future: I will come to school two day from now.
We will eat pizza one week from now.
They will fly to America one year from now.
present: We do eat steak now.
He does go to store now.
They do watch T.V. today.
past: I did walk to park two hour ago.
I did see elephant one week ago.
They did swim in ocean three month ago.

Coffee Shop     coffee1.gif (1542 bytes)        punkt.gif (863 bytes)HOME
BASIC WORDS: coffee, coffee shop, tea, menu, milk, sugar, cream,
eggs, bread, pay, money, how-much,
OTHER WORDS: toast, pancake, honey, jam, butter, margarine, breakfast,
lunch, supper, dinner,
- Good morning! Can I help you? Do you want eat?
- Yes. Please give me "menu".
After few minute:
- Please give me eggs, bread, and coffee.
- What way do you like your eggs? (What way = how). Hard or soft?
- Hard.
- How-much eggs do you want?
- Two, please. (Please give me two eggs.)
- How do you like your bread? Dark or light?
- Medium, please!
- Do you like milk and sugar inside coffee?
- Only milk. No sugar.
- Is that all? (Do you want any other thing?)
- Please give me more butter for bread!
- Good morning! Do you want eat?
- No, thank you. We want only drink. Please give us tea!
- Two tea?
- Yes, two tea. One for me, and one for my friend.
- What do you want inside your tea?
- Milk and sugar for my friend. No milk, two piece sugar for me.
- Will you pay now or after?
- I want pay now. How-much money is it?
- It is one Dollar and twenty.

Doctordoctor1.gif (1225 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: sick, healthy, hurt, hand, foot, stomach, head, nose, eye, ear, skin, heart, fall, kick, cut, knife, bed, sleep, temperature, ice, clean, water...
OTHER WORDS: bandage, hydrogen peroxide, disinfect, pill, capsule, cream, pain, pain killer, hangover, ache, stomachache, bellyache, earache, needle, syrringe,
- Good morning doctor!
- Good morning! How are you? How do you feel?
- I do not feel good. (I do feel bad.)
- What is your problem? (= What is bad? What problem?)
- My stomach does hurt. (= My stomach hurt.)
- What did you eat yesterday?
- Not much. Only dry meat, cheese, and bread.
- What did you drink?
- Three bottle wine.
- Does your head also hurt?
- Yes, it does hurt.
- Does anything else also hurt?
- No. Only my stomach and my head.
- I can not help you. (= I can do no thing for you.)
- Why not?
- You are not sick. You only feel sick, because you did drink too much
- What did you do? Why do you have white cloth round your head?
- Yesterday I did visit my friend. I did go inside his house. Inside his house were many people. Many people, much food, much drink. My friend did play beautiful music.
- Did you drink?
- Yes. I did drink few beer and few wine.
- But how did you hurt your head?
- I did leave his house very late. When I did come near my house, I could not find my key. My woman did open door for me. She was very angry because I did drink. She was also angry because I did come very late. She did hit my head with big stick. Then I did see doctor. He put piece white cloth round my head.
- Where did you sleep?
- I did sleep outside, on street, near my house.

Carredcar01.gif (1499 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: car, sport car, family car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, blue, red, green, car-seat, leather, plastic, cloth, gas, motor, roof, door, metal, wheel, window, glass, mirror, speed, quick, slow, safe, danger, drive...
OTHER WORDS: rubber, steering wheel, power steering, power brakes, stereo, tape deck, seat covers, tinted windows, air conditioning, standard, automatic, horsepower, gas = gasoline = petrol,
gas pump, diesel, fuel, antifreeze, windshield, windshield wipers, station wagon, 4x4 = four by four = four wheel drive, convertible,
- I want speak with you.
- What do you want speak about?
- I want speak about my new car.
- Did you buy new car? When?
- Yes, I did buy new car. One week ago.
(Ago = before now)
- What color is it?
- It is red. But now it seem brown because it is dirty.
- Where was it made? Inside what country was it made?
- It was made inside Italy. (= "Made in Italy")
- How big is it?
- It is small. It does have only two door. It is only for two people. It is sport car.
- How-much money did you pay?
- Too much! It was very expensive. But I like this car. I like it more
than any other car.
- But how-much money was it?
- You guess!
- I do not know. You say!
- I will not say. You guess!
- O.K. Seven thousand Dollar?
- No. More.
- Nine thousand?
- No. Less.
- Eight thousand?
- Yes. That is correct! It was eight thousand Dollar.
QUESTIONS: What car do you want? What car will you buy?Do you want sport car or family car?When will you buy new car?


Week-Endwindmil.gif (2048 bytes)
What did you do last weekend?
Where did you go? What did you eat? What / who did you see?
What will you do next weekend?
Where will you go? What will you eat? Who / what will you see?
This week-end I will visit my sister. She does live inside small town two hours from my house. (= Two hours travel with car.) Her house is inside this small town. It is near town middle. She does have big house and garden. She does have much vegetable inside her garden. Two apple tree, and one nut tree. One apple tree does have much leaf and much branch but no fruit. It is big and old. Other apple tree is little. It is young tree. It does have much fruit. Nut tree is also old. It does have few nut.
My sister does have no orange-tree inside her garden. It is too cold. Orange-tree do not grow inside my country. My country is too cold for orange tree.
My sister does have fence round her garden. (= There is fence round her garden.) Outside fence is grass and forest. (= On other side fence is grass and much tree.) Grass is on leftside. Forest is on rightside. On backside is little river. When I have much time, I catch fish inside this little river. (= I take fish from this little river.)
Beside house there is animal-house. (= Beside her house she does have animal-house.) Inside animal-house she does have one cow, one bull, three pig, and eleven chicken.
On frontside her house is street. On this street are very few car. This is very small town. I like it. I do not like much car. Much car, much smoke. Few car, few smoke. I like clean air. I do not like dirty air. Dirty air does make people sick.
This week-end my sister will cook food. I think she will cook chicken. She does not like fish, because fish do have many little bone. I like fish, but I like also chicken. She does like chicken more than fish. She does like beef the-most. She does think beef is the-most good meat. I do like my sister because she does make good food. She does not like me because I eat all her food. She does say I eat too much. I know I do. (= I know I do eat too much.)

6. Descriptions / Beschreibungen     punkt.gif (863 bytes)HOME

Cette section vous apprend à décrire n'importe quoi avec un minimum de mots. Quoique ce soit - vous pouvez le décrire! N'ayez pas peur, même si votre description a l'air un peu drôle! Le plus souvent possible, faites des phrases courtes. N'essayez pas de faire des phrases trop longues et trop élaborées, sinon vous risquez de changer le sens de ce que vous aimeriez dire.
In diesem Teil können Sie lernen, alles zu beschreiben. Scheuen Sie sich nicht, dies zu tun, auch wenn die Beschreibungen manchmal etwas eigenartig klingen. Verwenden Sie so viel wie möglich kurze Sätze. Versuchen Sie nicht, lange und komplizierte Sätze zu kreieren - Sie ändern oder zerstören vielleicht unbeabsichtigt den Sinn.


the-most.gif (21182 bytes)

Bottle number four is big. Bottle number three is less big than bottle number four. (Bottle 3 is less big than bottle 4.) Bottle number one is the- least big. (Bottle 1 is the-most little.) Bottle number three is same big bottle number two. (Two and three are same big. 2 and 3 are same size.) Bottle number two is more big than bottle number one. Bottle four is more big than bottle two. Bottle four is the-most big.
What size? How big?
big = large;   little = small
large - medium - small
big - medium - little
QUESTIONS: What bottle is the most big? What bottle is the least big? What bottle is the most little? What bottle is the least little? What bottle is more big number 2 or number 3?
What bottle is more big number 3 or number 4?

same-as.gif (24598 bytes)

Bottle B and bottle C are same size but different shape. Bottle A is alike bottle C. Bottle A and bottle C are same shape but different size. Bottle A and bottle C are same shape and same color. Bottle A and bottle B are different shape, different size, and different color. Bottle A and bottle B are different. Bottle A is different from bottle B. Bottle A is not alike bottle B.

QUESTIONS: What bottle is the most big? What bottle is the least big? What bottle is the most little? What bottle is the least little? What bottle is more big bottle A or bottle B?
What bottle is more big bottle A or bottle C?
What bottle is more big bottle B or bottle C?
What bottle has color alike bottle B?
What bottle has color alike bottle C?


What shape? What alike? How long? How wide? What shape is it?
Is it round? Is it square? Is it round or square?

round-sq.gif (9289 bytes)

Picture is square. Ball is round.
(Picture is not round.) (Ball is not square.)
QUESTIONS: Is wheel round or square?
Is window round or square?
Is Frisbee round or square?
Is door round or square?
Is your table round or is your table square?
How long? How short? Long or short? Is it long? Is it short?
Is it long or short?
This is short line:
--- (This line is short).
This is long line:
(This line is long).
long, very long, not short, too long, medium, medium long,
medium short, short, very short, too short, not too short, not very short...
Is it straight? Is it bent? Is it straight or bent? Is it very straight?

str-bent.gif (9362 bytes)

How-much is it bent? Is it bent much or little?
Is it thick or thin? How thick is it? How thin?

thin-th.gif (12748 bytes)
THIN <-----------> THICK

I am cold because my shirt is very thin.
I need thick shirt because it is cold outside.
Is it wide? Is it narrow? How wide? How narrow? Wide or narrow?

narrwide.gif (13520 bytes)
NARROW <---------> WIDE

My girl-friend is fat. She can not come inside my house, because
my door is too narrow. Door on her house is wide.

How heavy? How light? Light or heavy?
fat-thin.gif (27268 bytes)

My FAT girl-friend
is very heavy.
(She is not light.)

My THIN sister
is very light.
(She is not heavy.)

QUESTIONS: What is more heavy car or bicycle?
What is more heavy car or truck?
What is most heavy: car, truck or bicycle?
What is least heavy: car, truck or bicycle?
What surface? What alike? Soft or hard? Smooth or rough? Light or dark?

Is it soft or hard? How soft? How hard? (much, little, very, too...)

softhard.gif (2948 bytes)
SOFT <-----> HARD

My bed is soft. I like sleep on soft bed. I do not like sleep on floor. Floor is not soft. Floor is hard. I like walk on grass, because it is soft. I do not like walk on stone, because it is hard.
Smooth or rough? Is it smooth or is it rough? How smooth? How rough?

rou-smo.gif (6258 bytes)
SMOOTH <-----------> ROUGH

My girl-friend does have smooth skin. Pig have rough skin.
When no wind, ocean is smooth. When much wind, ocean is rough.
(Wind does make ocean rough).
If I do not shave, my face is very rough.
If I shave every day, my face is smooth.
white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green, brown, black, grey ...
light - medium - dark
shiny - not shiny

lt-dark.gif (1754 bytes)
LIGHT <----------> DARK

- Brown and black are dark color. White and yellow are light color.
- What color? What color is it? Dark or light? Is it dark or light?
Shiny or not shiny? Is it shiny or not shiny?
- Before Summer, my skin is very light. It is light brown. After Summer, my
skin is very dark. It is dark brown.
- Air-plane is made from shiny white metal. Some money is made from shiny
yellow metal. - Inside my country leaf on tree change color every year. They are light green
in Spring. They are dark green in Summer. In Autumn they change
from dark green to yellow, from yellow to red, from red to brown. Then they fall from tree.
Is it warm? Is it cold? What temperature? How warm? How cold?
COLD ----- WARM ----- HOT
On cold day I have warm shirt, and heavy coat.
On warm day I have only light shirt.
On hot day I swim inside ocean and drink cold beer.

flat-hil.gif (4660 bytes)
FLAT <---------> HILLY
Is your country flat or is it hilly?
In hilly country are many mountain. In flat country are no mountain.


Coffee with milk or without milk? Will you go with shirt or without shirt?
With hat or without hat?
What material? From what is it made?
wood, plastic, metal, stone, glass, animal skin, cloth, animal hair, bone, paper ...
Is it gas? Is it liquid? Is it solid?
GAS: air
LIQUID: water, coffee, tea, milk
SOLID: wood, metal, stone, glass

BATHROOM.     (toilette / WC)   toilets1.gif (433 bytes)
- I have-to go to bath-room. Do you know where is bath-room, please?
- Yes, I do know. You have-to go to end this hall. Then turn leftside.
Then make about ten step. Bath-room will be on your rightside.
- Thank you. Can you watch my bag when I go to bath-room, please?
(= Can you look my bag, please? = Will you watch my bag, please?)
- Yes, I will watch your bag. You can leave it with me. Leave your bag
here. (= Leave your bag this place.)
OTHER WORD: bathroom, toilet, washroom, restroom, men's room, ladies' room,

BASIC WORDS: air-plane, train, bus, ship, one-way, return, first class,
economy, seat, wing,
OTHER WORDS: business class, center, isle, smoking, non-smoking, wing, tail,
emergency exit, oxygen, oxygen mask, life vest, luggage, bag,
suitcase, cart, reservation, meal, sandwich, vegetarian,
- Can I see your air-plane ticket, please?
- Yes. It is here.
- Where do you want sit?
- I want sit near window, please. Do you have any seat near window?
- Yes. I have some. Do you smoke?
- No. I do not smoke.
- Then I will give you seat number 23A. It is near window. It is for
people who do not smoke. How many bag do you have?
- I have two bag.
- You can take that little bag with you on air-plane, but you have-to give us that big bag. Good travel!
- Thank you. See-you again!
- First class or economy? (economy = second class)
- How many ticket do you want? (What quantity ticket do you want?)
- Where do you live? What country? Where is your home? Where is your house?
How old are you? What is your age? When is your birthday?
- Male or female? What color eyes? What color hair?
- How-much money do you have?
- How big are you? How heavy are you? (How big? How heavy?)
- How many child do you have? How many child do you have?
Is this your child? Girl or boy?
INSIDE AIR-PLANE.airplan1.gif (397 bytes)
- What do you want eat? Number one or number two?
- What is number one?
- Number one is beef with potato and peas.
- What is number two?
- Number two is chicken with tomato sauce and rice.
- Please give me number two.
- What do you want drink? Tea or coffee?
- Coffee please. Black. No milk, no sugar.
- Is that all?
- Please give me also more butter.
- Why does air-plane shake?
- Outside is much wind.
- What country is under our air-plane?
- That is America.
- What is name that big city under air-plane?
- That is New York.
- When will we land?
- We will land fifty minute from now. (= We will land in fifty minute.)

city02.gif (2535 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: hotel, room, sheet, clean, dirty, bed, water bed, soap, first floor, upstairs, downstairs,
OTHER WORDS: reservation, passport, price, single bed, double bed, queen size bed, blanket, towel, shampoo, glass, bed and breakfast, ground floor,

- We look-for room. Do you have one empty room please? (= Do you have any empty room? = Do you have room?)
- Yes I do. (= Yes, I do have room.) How many people? (= How-much people? = What number people?)
- Four people. My woman, I, and our two child.
- I do have three room. Two room are up-stairs, and one room is down- stairs. (up-stairs = above ground floor; down-stairs = on ground floor or under ground floor.
- Does down-stairs room have window?
- Yes it does have window, but it is only very small window.
- What can we see thru window?
- You can see no thing thru that window.
- We do not want down-stairs room. How many people can sleep inside upstairs room?
- One room does have two small bed. Other room does have one large bed for two people.
- Do you have hot shower? (= Is there hot shower?)
- Yes there is hot shower, but it is not inside room. Shower is inside hall.
- How-much money is it for one night?
- Fifteen Dollar for one room for one night. Thirty Dollar for two room. - Will you give us also clean towel and soap?
- I will give you soap, but you have-to pay one Dollar more for every towel.
- Can we see up-stairs room? (= We want see room! Can we see? We want look.)
- O.K. Come with me!
- Thank you, but we do not want this room. It is dirty. We will look inside other hotel. Bye-bye!

7. Vie quotidienne / Alltagsleben     punkt.gif (863 bytes)HOME

What do you do?
What did you do yesterday?
What do you do now?
What will you do tomorrow?
Begrüssungen: Salutations:
come: hello, good morning, good evening, how are you?
leave: good day, good night, see-you, see-you again, bye-bye,
Have good day! Have good night!

Book Storebooks2.gif (2792 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: book, shelf, book-shelf, book store, book shop, picture, color, cook book,
OTHER WORDS: novel, library, children's book, adult book, encyclopedia, science fiction, mystery, short stories,
- Good morning. Can I help you?
- Yes. I look-for book from Pablo Neruda.
- What is name of book you look-for?
- I do not know name. It is big, heavy, green book.
- I am sorry. We do not have it. Do you want any other book?
- Yes. I also look-for one book for my child. What do you have?
- We do have many book for child. (We have many children's books.) Is it little boy or is it little girl?
- It is little girl.
- How old is she?
- She is six year old.
- We have this beautiful book about animal. It has many picture. Do you like it?
- Yes I do like it. How-much does it cost, please?
- It does cost twelve Dollar.

New friends  (Neue Freunde)
- Hello! How are you?
- I am good. (I feel good.) And you?
- I am also good. Thank you. Where do you travel?
- I go to Australia. And you?
- I go to New Zealand. Do you live inside Australia?
- No. I live inside Europe. I will only visit my friend inside Australia. And where do you live?
- I live inside New Zealand. I do go to my house now. (= I do go home now.)
- Do you travel alone or with your family?
- Alone.
- Are you married?
- Yes. I am married. My woman is inside our house. She is inside New Zealand. She does watch our child.
- How many child do you have? (= How-much child do you have?)
- We do have three child. Two girl and one boy. Will you come also to New Zealand?
- Yes. I will go to New Zealand next month.
- Please, come and visit us. Come to our house, please!
- O.K. What is your name? What is your address? What street? What number? Where do you live? What is your telephone number?
- Hello! How are you? (= How is you? = How do you feel?)
- I am good. (I feel good.) And you?
- I am also good. Thank you!
- Where do you go?
- I go to shop.
- What will you buy?
- I have-to buy milk and bread.
- Will you come to my house this evening?
- Yes, I will. (= Yes, I will come.) What time?
- Come seven o'clock.
- O.K. See-you this evening!
I did not understand what you did say. Can you say it again? I do not understand you. Please say it again! You speak too quick. Please speak more slow! Please speak more loud! Please speak more slow and loud!
Do you speak English? Can you speak English? Can you read English? Can you understand me?
Yes I can speak English. I can speak little English. I can speak good English. I can understand little. I can understand every thing. I can understand all! I can speak, read, and write English. I can understand you!
- When will you visit your friend in Switzerland?
- Next month.
- H w will you travel to Switzerland?
- I think I will go on air-plane.
- Is not air-plane too expensive?
- I do not know how-much money is air-plane ticket. Is not air-plane less expensive than train?
- No. Inside Europe travel on train is less expensive than travel on air-plane.
- Oh! I did not know. I did think air-plane was less expensive! Inside America air-plane is less expensive than train!
- Inside Europe train is less expensive than air-plane. Some time train is also less expensive than bus. But go on foot is the-least expensive.
- I go on foot if I have more time. But my friend does live very far from here. I can not go on foot because I do not have much time.
- Do yo8u like go on foot?
- Yes, I do like go on foot. My doctor does say that it is good for
my body. He does say that go on foot does make body healthy and strong.
- Do you like go with car?
- No, because much car hit other car, or hit tree, and make people dead.
- Yes, but people can also lose life when they travel on bus or on air-plane!
- That is true. But I think more people lose life when they travel
with car.
- How did you come from America to Europe? Did you come on big boat?
- No. I did not come on big boat. Very few boat take people now. Boat travel is very expensive. It is much more expensive than air-plane.
- Could you not work on boat?
- I did look-for work on boat, but I could not find any. After I could not find work on boat, I did go to air-port. I did buy air-plane ticket. It was not expensive. It was very few money.
- Where will you go from Europe?
- I want travel round world. (= I want travel round all Earth.) From Europe I will go to India. Inside India I will visit my friend. He does live in Bombay. Then I will live on beach. I will stay on beach one month. From India I will go to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Inside Australia I will stay two month. From Australia I will fly to New Zealand and Tahiti. Then I will return to United States and Canada.

INSIDE TRAIN STATION.  (Im Bahnhof)station.gif (3049 bytes)
- How-much money is train from this place to New York?
- One-way or two-way ticket? (= One-way or return?)
- Return please.
- For how many people? (= For what number people?) Only you, or also your family?
- Only one return ticket please. (= Only one two-way ticket.)
- When do you want travel?
- Next Thursday.
- That will be fifty Dollar. Do you want buy it now?
- No, thank you. Before I do buy ticket, I do want ask if bus or air-plane is less expensive.
- Where do you go? To where do you travel?
- When will you go? What time will you leave?
- From where did you come?
- How will you go? On foot? On bus? On boat? On air-plane?
- What is price for one ticket? How-much is one ticket?
- Do you want one-way or return ticket?

Clothes   (Kleider)clothes1.gif (3689 bytes)
BASIC WORDS: shirt, skirt, coat, sock, shoe, hat,
OTHER WORDS: jacket, sweater, pullover, jeans, panties, panty hose,
bra, belt, suspenders, glove, slippers, sandals, sneakers,
tennis shoes, ring, ear-ring, nose-ring, bracelet, glasses,
sun glasses, chain, gold, silver, leather, cotton, wool, silk, synthetic, acrylic, nylon,
- Good morning. Can I help you?
- Yes. I do need new clothes.
- What do you need?
- I do need new shirt, new pants.
- What size shirt do you need? What color do you like?
- I do need medium size. Do you have blue color?
- No I have only white color shirt.
- Please give me two white shirt, medium size.
- What size pants do you need?
- I do need size 42 (forty two). Do you have my size?
- Yes I do have your size. Do you like this brown pants?
- Yes I do. Can I try it, please? Where can I put-on this clothes?
- Go to that room behind that grey door.
After he did try shirt and pants:
- I do like them. I will buy them. How much does it cost?
- The shirt is twenty two Dollar, and the pants are fifty one Dollar.
- Do you sell also shoe?
- Yes what type shoe do you want?
- I do want white sport shoe, size thirty eight.
- Do you want to try them?
- Yes, please, I do want try them. How much do they cost?
- They cost thirty five Dollar.
- I will take them, thank you.
- Here is the money.
- Thank you. And here is your change.
- Thank you. Good bye !

Restaurant (Im Restaurant)chef1.gif (1605 bytes)
- Good evening. Can I help you?
- Yes, I do want see menu.
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
After few minute:
- Did you decide what you want?
- Yes. I do want this number 235 (two hundred thirty five). What is it?
- It is rice, with carrot, peas, and chicken. It is very good. What do you want drink?
- Please bring me some cold water.
After dinner:
- Did you like it? Do you want coffee or tea?
- Yes I did like it. Please bring me one black coffee, no sugar.
- How much does it cost?
- That does cost twelve Dollar and fifty cent.

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